My reply to Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici

I sent the following email reply to Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici. ?I sincerely hope that she will research the issues further and come to a more educated position on the current issues than the one she is taking today.


Dear Congresswoman Bonamici,

I want to thank you for your reply to my letter and concerns. ?I do want to express to you that I find your?apparent?intent of supporting proposals to restrict lawful citizens access to large capacity magazines or any other restriction of our constitutional rights under the second?amendment?disturbing. ?As a law abiding citizen and gun owner who has served this country in the U.S. Air Force to defend our freedoms and rights, I find it unconscionable when our elected officials propose or support any restriction of those rights which so many have fought and died to defend and provide to us.
Your stated stance on these issues is of great concern and I will never support or vote for any candidate that would choose to use horrific world events to bolster a political agenda that decapitates the constitution and the freedoms that it gives this country and its people. ?Misrepresentation of the statistics and facts around gun violence by the?politicians?and media to further the agenda of gun control being levied against the lawful citizens of this country should be a criminal act. ?Any and all who do so should be brought to justice for criminal acts against the citizens of this country.
I have had many conversations with people about the current media and political frenzy towards gun control. ?Most people, I find, are less than fully educated on the actual statistics and facts in this country around violence related to guns. ?I refer people constantly to a book??Gun Facts by Guy Smith.? ?I also encourage them to view?this video?that clearly outlines the misuse of data to mislead and provide false information about gun use in violent crime. ?Both of these sources provide accurate statistical data that is in direct opposition to what is being published in the media and by many of our politicians. ?Both sources bring not only the facts and statistics but also provide the sources and information to back up the data.
While I agree that there can be dialogue and change where needed to better a system that has flaws, I will never support the restriction of rights on the law abiding citizens of this country. ?Changing or enacting laws that restrict our constitutional rights only impacts those who are law abiding citizens and who are not the cause of the problem trying to be solved. ?I find it odd that many people do not understand that laws only impact the lawful. ?The criminal who commits an act of terror is already not following the law. ?What makes anyone think that suddenly, they are going to change their behavior because a new law says the tool they want to use illegally is now illegal. ?Laws are only applicable to those who follow the law to begin with.
I sincerely hope you will take the time to review the information provided here and use it to further shape your approach for the future in dealing with these difficult issues.
Thank you very much for your time on this.

Stevn Bartley

Gray Wolf Guns, Inc.