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Gray Wolf Guns, Inc. was founded in 2012 with the goal of providing a more cost effective source for guns in the Tigard, Oregon area.

My name is Steve Bartley and I am the owner of Gray Wolf Guns, Inc. ?I have a long history working with firearms of all types. ?I started off my experience with firearms as a Police Cadet with Bend City Police in Central Oregon. ?This was followed by a five and a half year tour in the U.S. Air Force as a Law Enforcement Officer. ?During my Law?Enforcement?career in the Air Force, I served as an Armorer and was trained on many types of weapons from handguns, to rifles, to machine guns as well as grenade launchers and other weapons and equipment. ?I ended my Air Force career after an injury sustained while serving in Saudi Arabia during Desert Storm/Desert Comfort. ?On leaving the Air Force, I served for a time?as a Reserve Deputy Sheriff with Deschutes County in Central Oregon.

I have maintained, since a very early age, a love of firearms of all types. ?I finally decided to put that passion into a business that would help others obtain access to firearms at a reasonable price, in a safe and legal manner and with the knowledge that they are being treated right as a customer.

Due to my military and police background, I believe in giving back to those who serve. ?If you are a military member, active or retired, or, a police officer, sheriff etc… Please let us know and with proof of service, we will be glad to provide you an additional discount on any purchase you make with us as our thanks for your service to our country and our safety.