Letter from Representative Suzanne Bonamici

I received the following reply letter from Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici. ?This letter was, I believe, in reply to the “Protect Your Rights”?form letter that I signed.

January 23, 2013 


Dear Mr. Bartley,



Thank you for contacting me?about?guns and how we can?prevent gun violence. I appreciate hearing from you.


The tragic shootings in?a?Connecticut?elementary school, the Clackamas Town Center, and a?theater in Colorado are the latest in a long list of?senseless mass shootings that occur too often?in our country. These examples, and others like them, show that we must do more to prevent gun violence.


Our?priority should be to find ways?to keep?guns out of the hands of people who use them to kill or injure innocent victims. One of the first steps we should take is to pass federal legislation to?require background checks on all gun sales at gun shows, a law that Oregon already has on the books.?Cracking down on gun trafficking and illegal sales would keep more guns out of the wrong hands.?I?also?support?a?ban?on large capacity magazines like those used in the Colorado?theater?shooting.


Importantly, we must also address the mental health aspects of violent crime.?Critical components of reducing violence include identifying and treating people with mental illness and offering education and resources to their families, teachers, and communities. We need a community effort to?destigmatizethose who seek treatment for mental illness, and policymakers must work to break down barriers to access these services.


I support the Second Amendment rights of individuals to own firearms?for recreation and protection, but with every right comes a corresponding responsibility not to abuse or exploit that freedom to the detriment of others.


Thank you again for writing to me, and?please know that I will keep your input in mind as Congress considers proposals to prevent gun violence.

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Suzanne Bonamici
Member of Congress